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Set 3 sounds and support

Speed sounds set 3 chart

Learning Set 3 Speed Sounds


These are Set 3 Speed Sounds:


ea (as in tea)

oi (as in spoil)

a–e (as in cake)

i–e (as in smile)

o–e (as in home)

u–e (as in huge) 

aw (as in yawn)

are (as in care)

ur (as in nurse)

er  (as in letter)

ow (as in brown)

ai  (as in snail)

oa (as in goat)

ew (as in chew)

ire (as in fire)

ear (as in hear)

ure (as in pure)


Check if your child can read these sounds.

If your child is learning Set 3 Speed Sounds, help them to:

  • Practise the sounds they have been taught from set 2 and 3.  
  • Read the eBooks at Pink level, then Orange level and then Yellow level, in order. We recommend children read each eBook three times, as they would at school: once to read the words correctly, a second time with more fluency, and a third time in a ‘storyteller voice’ that shows their understanding.