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School Council

School Council 2020-2021

What is the School Council? 


  • Our school council represents the views of all pupils. It gives us the opportunity to make our voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.
  • Our school council helps to make changes and improvements to try and make our school a nicer placer for everyone.
  • When we are able to meet in person everyone gets a chance to speak and when we’ve finished we vote on the best ideas. Sometimes we have to talk to our headteacher and sometimes we talk with school visitors. 

What will our School Council do?


Due to our year groups currently working in bubbles we won't be meeting in person just yet. However Mrs Heaven will be uploading fortnightly videos to let us know about our next task. These tasks may involve:

  • Collecting information from our class using a questionnaire 
  • Collecting new ideas from our class 
  • Asking our class their opinions
  • Presenting to the whole school via Teams 
  • Collecting information from our teachers 

Election Process


•Here at Hallam every class from Year 2 to Year 6 chooses a representative to be a member of the school council.

•Before they are voted for, candidates have to give a speech to their class explaining why they want to be on the council and what ideas they have to bring. 

2019-2020 Members


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