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Hallam Primary School

Aim High, Achieve Together.


At Hallam Primary school, we have designed our science curriculum with the intent that our children will develop an in-depth understanding of the world around them and an understanding of how major scientific ideas have played a vital role in society, to prepare them for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world. We recognise that science plays a vital role within our school community, with many parents and carers having professional careers within scientific fields and industries. We therefore embrace their expertise and recognise the valuable contributions that families can make to the delivery of an engaging science curriculum. Our aim is to build science capital for all our children, regardless of their background and starting point so that they are inspired to continue to use science in their everyday life, future education and careers.  


We will deliver a Science Curriculum that encompasses our DREAMS’ vision:  



Science teaching will challenge and support learning through outstanding inclusive practice. Role models, including women in science and people from a variety of different backgrounds will be used to inspire children and promote a diverse science culture. This will include working with parents and scientists within the community, learning about historical and modern scientists and using our school Science Ambassadors to promote diversity.



Children will be given the opportunity to work both collaboratively and independently. They will be encouraged to take risks and through investigative work will learn how to overcome obstacles and develop their resilience.



Science lessons will encompass an enquiry led approach which will encourage our children to be self-motivated, collaborative and curious learners. The curriculum will build upon prior knowledge and a progression of skills to ensure all children have a secure understanding and knowledge of key science concepts. In key Stage 2, children will be given opportunities to plan and lead their own enquiries.



We will develop aspirational learners with an awareness of the key role that science plays within our community and the world and the opportunities that this creates for future careers.



The Science Curriculum will inspire and excite our children through engaging practical sessions which are enriched with visits and visitors, creating long lasting memories for children to look back on.



The Science classroom will be a positive, safe and fun environment in which children can thrive! We believe that the most effective learning takes place when children are smiling and happy.