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Hallam Primary School

Aim High, Achieve Together.


At Hallam, we have designed our Maths Mastery Curriculum with the intent that our children will become, resilient, independent, and aspirational mathematicians. Through the delivery of a high-quality curriculum, our children will become fluent mathematicians with a love for problem solving and reasoning. We want to ensure that each child has the resilience so that they are prepared for the future. All pupils will develop a deeper understanding of maths that they can apply to situations beyond their classroom and within their daily lives. Children will leave Hallam Primary school with an appreciation and enthusiasm for Maths, resulting in a life-long positive relationship with number.

We will deliver a curriculum that:

  • Allows the children to learn new knowledge year on year and build on this knowledge, making connections as they progress through school.
  • Allows pupils to become fluent in fundamentals of mathematics.
  • Enables pupils to understand mathematical structures and concepts, leading to reasoning and problem solving, going beyond answering questions correctly.
  • Encourages the children to be aspirational mathematicians throughout school.
  • Encourages our children to be self-motivated, independent and resilient by being fluent in the basic skills and developing skills that allow them to make mistakes and learn from them.