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Maths is taught in mixed ability groupings from year 1 to Year 6, in a more formal setting and in Foundation Stage, according to the Early Learning Goals. 

All learning objectives follow the national curriculum as set in out in the programme of study for each year group. The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, that they are able to reason mathematically and that they can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of problems. The expectation is that children move through the programme of study each year at a similar pace, although support is given for any children who struggle to do this.

Teachers use a variety of resources to plan lessons which are varied and challenging and support a mastery approach. When introduced to a new concept in mathematics, children may work with concrete resources before moving onto pictorial representations of the concept and finally a more abstract approach to enable them to manipulate numbers with confidence. For each block of work that is being taught, there may be up to four learning objectives which may take a week or more to complete.  Year groups plan together but individual classes may move at different paces, depending on the needs within the class.

Work is differentiated for each learning objective that is taught.  Children complete a pre learning task before starting a block of work and, depending on the outcome of this task, will begin at either Skill or Master stage and can move on to Deeper learning if they have grasped the concepts that are being taught. There are opportunities across year groups for pre and post teaching to enable all children to access the objectives taught for their year group.  At each stage, children must prove that they have understood the concepts by completing a ‘prove it’ task.