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Hallam Primary School is now closed. Staff are providing emergency child care for vulnerable children and children of key workers. Home learning resources can be accessed at the Home learning page on the curriculum tab of this site. Please see the letters page for further details and take care of each other. Please order your FSM grab bags by 10:30am – these will be available for collection from the main office at 12:00. If you are a parent and you are concerned about feeding your child, or you are a student and you are unable to access a grab bag, then please get in contact with the school ASAP as we may be able to help. .

Welcome to Hallam Primary School

Welcome to Hallam Primary School. School continues to be closed. Government advice is still that children are better cared for in the safety of their own home. We are open from 14th April for child care for vulnerable children and children of critical workers. Please contact school if you have any queries.


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