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Hallam Primary School

Aim High, Achieve Together.


At Hallam, we want children to aim high and dream big. Through high quality teaching and positive relationships, we give our children every opportunity to achieve their full potential, make long lasting memories and prepare them for the next stage of their education.


Diversity: We develop children’s understanding of diversity by teaching them to explore all aspects of life in modern Britain. We promote inclusion, tolerance and respect for all faiths, cultures and beliefs and give them opportunities to understand how they fit into their own personal, social and global world.


Resilience: We encourage children to take risks and overcome challenges through perseverance and a determination to succeed. We do this through having high expectations of the children, encouraging independence and offering opportunities for them to fail. We develop children's confidence and social skills and teach good manners and respect for all.


Enquiry: We value an enquiry led approach to our curriculum in which children are encouraged to be curious and investigate all aspects of learning, individually and collaboratively. Adults skilfully challenge children to enable them to achieve their full potential through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum, which builds upon children’s prior skills and knowledge to prepare them for the next stage of their learning.


Aspiration: We provide opportunities for children to aim high and have the confidence to become the individual that they aspire to be. Children are exposed to different roles, careers and encouraged to achieve their full potential regardless of their starting points.


Memories: We provide quality first teaching where children are given opportunities to transfer their new learning to their long-term memory and develop metacognition skills throughout their time at Hallam. We enrich our curriculum with a range of experiences, trips and visitors to motivate and inspire learning and to create a bank of positive memories which the children can look back on.


Smiles: We believe that the best learning takes place when children are happy and are having fun. We place a strong emphasis on positive mental health and well-being and work hard to ensure school is a positive place to be for children, parents and staff.


Children at Hallam are aspirational and in general enjoy a wide range of experiences out of school. Parents have high expectations of their children and that the school will provide their children with opportunities to achieve academic success. Our curriculum is designed to provide these opportunities whilst ensuring children develop social and emotional awareness to equip them for life


For more information on our curriculum, please contact Miss Bye, our curriculum lead.