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Hallam Primary School

Aim High, Achieve Together.


At Hallam Primary School, we have designed a curriculum for the arts with the intent that our children will, from the early years, develop a sense of creativity, self-expression, excellence and high attainment.    


We will deliver a curriculum that;   

  • Expose’s all children to the arts, giving them a chance to experience, and participate in a range of creative activities and events.    

  • Allows our children to experiment in a ‘safe’ environment where there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ results, thus, both self-expression and self-esteem may be enhanced.  

  • Give’s children entitlement to a wide range of experiences in the arts as part of and in addition to the curriculum.    

  • Give’s children the opportunity to explore, develop and communicate their personal, aesthetic response to experience.    

  • Develops their knowledge and skills within a wide range of arts activities.   

  • Introduces them to an appreciation of the arts that will last a lifetime.    

  • Develops their appreciation of the diverse cultural heritage within the school and local community.    

  • Helps them make personal interpretations of what they have experienced.    

  • Encourages children to express themselves creatively using a wide range of media and situations.