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Year 5

Y5 Rivers Walk

One rainy Thursday morning...

Hallam Primary School Music - Live Sessions | Maia

Year 5 Water Extravagnaza

A fun way to finish a wonderful year with a lovely group of children.

Hallam Primary School Music - Live Sessions | Ramsundar

Session 1 Ramsundar plays 'Moonlight Sonata, Movement One' on the piano

Mr Stewart and the Police Dogs

Mr Steward shows his bravery against the toughest police dogs in Yorkshire, much to the delight of the Hallam children.

Rivers of the World - Homework by Daisy

Year 5 Cricket Tournament

Life Cycles Topic - Y5

We have now finished our Life Cycles Topic. Here are some highlights.

Year Five - Big Write Extracts

Banana Man

We have been looking at graphic design and creating our own posters...

Here is a design by Lily G.

5D Music Concert - Audio

Amelia's Podcast

Y5 - Improving Our Running

Athletics by Y5

Y5 at Sports Day

Sports Day 2017

Science Experiments with Alex

As part of Science Week here at Hallam, in this amazing video, Alex shows us the depth of his science knowledge with exciting experiments.

Jessica Ennis-Hill Autobiography - Book Review by Grace

Ancient Egypt Y5

Ancient Egypt Trip to Weston Park Museum - Y5

School trip to Weston Park Museum

Amazing Egyptian Art Work by the children in 5B

Amazing Year 5 Ancient Egypt Homework - As each week goes by the children are exploring increasingly creative ways to do their homework. This week we have been so impressed with the models, maps, diagrams and computer imaging. So good!

5D Persuasive Language for Egypt Holiday

Members of 5D each recorded a peruasive sentence or two after researching Egypt. Grace, Lily G and Amelia put the recording together with matching images to create this lovely video! #Egypt

Thank You for Your Kindness

I wanted to say a massive thank you to all the Y5 families for the love, kindness and generosity you have shown me regarding the birth of my little baby son Owen. My wife and I have been overwhelmed with the lovely response from the children and it has been a pleasure sharing the excitement and adventure with them. It has been fun to show photos to my class since returning from paternity leave.  

Baby Owen is doing very well and is settling into life in the Dwight House. Eloise, his big sister, has been very sweet with him and we are enjoying life as a little family. 

Thank you again,

God bless you and your family,

Dan Dwight



Music Friday

The children have really improved the past few weeks as you can tell from this short video. Can you name that tune? (Feb 2017)

A Lovely 'Crafternoon' Making Egyptian Facemasks

Amelia's Bedouin Tent - Egypt Homework

Chloe's Egypt Homework

Chloe in 5D did a great job with her Egypt research homework. She made a very professional looking video to present her work.

Practicing Our Basketball Skills

This week we started our basketball PE lessons. We were focusing on dribbling and passing.

Freeze frame activity - Creating a story

We've started our new music project for the term

Ancient Egypt Day - The children looked fantastic as they dressed up for our Egyptian themed day!

Realise It's Christmas by 5D

A Christmas song, written, recorded and performed by 5D.

This Christmas Time by 5T

Christmas Inside of Me by 5G

Seasonal Art Work

Y5 Christmas Extravaganza 2016

Christmas Hit Background Y5

Christmas performance background projection

We recorded our own song and made a music video using a green screen to create a winter wonderland

National Space Centre - Year 5

Highlights from our trip to the National Space Centre.

Space Y5

In Year 5 we have started our year by investigating space! Here is what we have found so far...