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Last half term we learnt about traditional tales.


Our focus was: Who are the famous characters in traditional tales?


We wanted to find out about....


  • Who are the baddies and who are the goodies in traditional tales?
  • The Three Little Pigs.
  • Sleeping Beauty.
  • Where do the characters live?
  • What happens at the end of traditional tales?
  • How to describe the settings of traditional tales.

We acted out some traditional tales

We had a healthy eating day!


We made fruit kebabs using different fruits. They were really yummy. Take a look at our pictures!

We had a Maths Parent Work Shop


We did lots of different maths activities with our mums and dads!

This half term our topic is homes.


Our big question is: Is everybody's home the same?


We would like to find out:


  • What is the tallest house?
  • What is the smallest house?
  • Who designs houses?
  • How do bricks stick together?
  • What are houses made of?
  • What do flats look like?

We found out about flats and made a big book!


Take a look....