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Here is a list of different activities you might like to do with your child:



  • What 2D and 3D shapes can you find in your house? Can you remember their name?
  • Can you make a three colour repeating pattern? You could even try using real objects?
  • Can you read, write and order your numbers to 20?
  • Can you practically add and subtract using numbers to 10/20?



  • Can you write sentences?
  • Can you write your full name?
  • Can you read some of your favourite stories?
  • Can you write a letter?



  • Can you research the signs of spring? Can you find out about spring using a computer?
  •  Can you create some spring artwork?
  • Can you find out about real life heroes? For example, doctors and paramedics.


Here are some websites that you might find useful:

This is a free website that you will need to sign up to. It offers a wide range of Oxford Reading Tree books at different levels.


This website offers lots of different phonics activities and games. We suggest that you use the phase 3 and 4 activities.


Follow the Early Years link and this will take you to a range of literacy and numeracy games.


This website has a range of different activities and some fun Early Years maths games.