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Easter Bonnets



Have a look at the fun activities we did on World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite book character and even had to match the teacher's 'selfie' to their bookcase 'shelfie'! 

Joe Roebuck came to visit Hallam!


Watch us doing our circuit with Joe Roebuck and listening to him doing a special assembly for us!


Watch us dance our way through the decades!


We loved our topic last half term! Have a look at what we did at the Sheffield Library Theatre!

Can We Build Our Dream School?


Our topic for this half term is "Can we build our dream school?". We will be designing and making models of what we would like included in our new school building. We will be investigating the properties of materials and looking at the strength and structure of buildings from around the world. 


We visited the school building site to inspire questions about our new topic. We also had the chance to talk to some of the builders and they answered a lot of our questions. When we returned to the classroom we generated our own questions which we will be trying to answer through out this half term. 


Our class questions are:

How do they put the pipes together 

Where does glass come from? 

Who designs buildings? 

What is the most famous building in the world

How do builders know what they need?

How long is our new building? 

How tall can buildings get? 

What materials will they use in our new building? 

Why do builders build? 

How do builders know how much materials they need? 


The teachers want to know:

What do architects do? 

How do builders choose their materials?

Which is the best designed building in the world?

How do builders make sure their buildings don't fall down?







Our visit to the building site

In PE, we are learning to dance our way through the decades. Here are the songs which we have been learning the dances to. Ask your child to show you their new moves and have a practise at home together! 
Practise your dance moves to our 90s song!


Practise your dance moves to our 80s song!

Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp.wav

Practise your dance moves to our 70s song!

Bee Gees - Night Fever (1977).wav

The Twist - Chubby Checker.wav

Practise your moves to our 50s and 60s song!